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Eclipse Phase

10 out of 22 gamers thought this was helpful

The world of Eclipse Phase is a dark and depressing trek, filled with the fight for survival against impossible odds in the blackness of space. When death has become a disease that can be overcome by the rich and powerful, there are those who will do whatever they can to hold on to their existence. Even if that existence has grown tiresome after hundreds of years…

We have started an Eclipse Phase game but instead of playing in the Eclipse universe we have ported the system to the Infinity universe. This has been very easy and incredibly fun as many of the ideas are transferred one to one, the various factions of Infinity filling in nicely to the various reputation circles of Eclipse and so on. It is interesting to play in a world where death is not as scary as the possibility of losing your backup or your sanity, definitely a good play for a strong role playing group.

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93 out of 150 gamers thought this was helpful

My experiences with SDE have been few and far between, mostly because it takes a lot of energy for me to try and start a game. The major downfall I see is the difficulty for units to easily do multiple points of damage, this limits how far the heros can progress and often reduces the game to a painful slog filled with competitive dice rolling.

The models are well made and fun, the setting is silly without being too flippant and the “bad guys” are refreshingly varied and fun to play. With all that being said, it is often hard for me to dedicate the 2+ hours required to play a game that has little continuation past the one session. Maybe if they added a campaign system?

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55 out of 69 gamers thought this was helpful

I’m an engineer and terrible at spelling/thinking of words, this game is absolutely frustrating for me. That being said, I love this game. It really stretches me and helps me think in ways I have not had a chance to in many years.

The rules are very easy to pick up and is very accessible for all levels of players. When we have people over for a casual gaming night, this is always a game we reach for and is always something that turns out to be a fun time. I will say that the game is a lot more interesting when everyone is the same skill level when it comes to making different words. We played with a friend who is an english teacher/scrabble enthusiast and it was over far too quickly. Other than that, I would say the only other thing I would say is for avid gamers is to focus on having fun and then winning.

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Ticket to Ride

33 out of 55 gamers thought this was helpful

Love playing this game on the iPhone with friends and family, great game for people of all ages to play and with the expansions there is a lot of replay value. One downside, at least on the iPhone, are the notifications don’t always work which is a little annoying when waiting for another person to make a play. Forces one to continually check on the game, but overall a great experience. The other slight downside is that they do not currently have the european expansion available for the iphone.

Would also suggest that checking out the board game would help improve the experience, games are usually better when played in person.

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81 out of 125 gamers thought this was helpful

Having played many of the games workshop games, I had become tired of constantly trying to keep up with the newest army or book release. What appealed to me initially about Warmachine was that units released initially were still viable after many years of expansions and additions. Add to that a rich backstory and a army of loyal gamers and you have the makings of one of the best table top games I have ever played. Great support through the various cons (Temple con, Gencon, etc.) and wonderful volunteer gamers who work to show people how to pick up the game and run local tournaments show the game’s staying power and how dedicated people are to having it continue. Fun game to play win or lose, this is a game all should take a look at.

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75 out of 137 gamers thought this was helpful

I loved the original blood bowl and this gave me a way to relive some of the great moments of my childhood. While not as exciting as the board game or the recently released computer game, this is infinitely more portable and I’ve had a lot of fun playing in airport terminals, on road trips and in hotel rooms. It is also a great game for non-hardcore players to pick up and have fun trying to destroy the person next to them.

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