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What are you playing this weekend? (Sep 27)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 27-Sep-19 | 5 comments

This weekend we’ve got a larger group coming so we’ll be playing One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Mascarade. Should be a night full of laughs and great times!

What are you playing this weekend?

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Haven’t gotten anything to the table lately, but planning an afternoon with the guys at work this month playing some Talisman 4th ed. with the Bloodmoon expansion.

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Played some more Machi Koro Legacy.

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Had a ton of family events this weekend. I didn’t get anything to the table.

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Taught Tapestry (but as we had 6 I didn’t play it) then played Quadropolis

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Just two games of four-player Azul on Saturday night.

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