What are you playing this weekend? (July 4!)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 4-Jul-14 | 22 comments

Happy 4th of July!
This weekend we’ll be continuing to play Doomtown: Reloaded in preparation for our review. We’ve really enjoyed our time with it so far, but it’s definitely a game with deeper strategies, so we need to get more games in before we’re ready for the official review.

What are you playing this weekend?

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I think that oddball aeronauts will certainly be played again. We also enjoyed Darjeeling so that might make the table. Hopefully we’ll make it to our boardgaming group tomorrow so that we will have lots of wonderful options.

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@Jim You flaunter you! *tiny fists of jealousy*

Since our copy of Flying Frog’s Dark Gothic came in yesterday and already hit the table – it will be doing so again.

As a holiday weekend – it’s going to be Grab Bag of Gaming, but some definite horizons.

Catacombs: Back Deck Edition

The Pathfinder Six will gather somewhere for the next exciting adventure in Stone Temple Giants (along with some Stone Temple Pilots)

Most likely Cosmic E and Last Night on Earth (non campaign) as those are cookout classics – also the Camp Grizzly proto seems appropriate.

Also I will eat half of the bowl of my Bacon Laden German Potato Salad immediately after preparing it because it is best still hot and no one knows how much I actually made to begin with. 😉

A Happy Fourth of July to The BGdot! (It is on everyone’s calendar after all 🙂 )

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