What are you playing this weekend? (July 17)

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 17-Jul-15 | 25 comments

After 9 months languishing on a bookshelf following an impulse purchase – and at least 3 full rulebook readings – we’re finally going to brave Caverna this weekend. There will definitely be some Monster Laundry with our son, and more flicking action with Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown. And if we have any residual energy when the kiddos go down for the night we’ll be trying out Black & White.

What are you playing this weekend?

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Just been playing catan, but its starting to get a bit stale, will maybe look into seafarers expansion to put some life back into it.

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I never can predict the weekend, but it looks like some Castle Panic may be in the future. My son traded one of his games to get it back after having traded it away some time ago.

@Twonky – if you like the tactical squad play of X-com the video game, you should really look into Galaxy Defenders. It really gives the tactical feel of X-COM in a boardgame format. It’s a coop game as well.

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Just tried Three Cheers for Master today. Fun little game. Tomorrow will be the first play of XCom.

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Just picked up Deus and my wife and I are just loving this game.

My daughter is having trouble sleeping and finding that Tsuro and Kids of Carcassonne/My First Carcassonne are calming before bedtime.

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There will likely be solo (tablet) games of Carcassonne for me. And I hope to get some more plays of Takenoko and Rivals For Catan.

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