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Time Well Spent Quests

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 23-Mar-12 | 43 comments

Hourglass Quests

An occasional treat as you explore!
The hourglass and its associated “Time Well Spent” quests for the Explorer and Reporter classes are meant to be a fun “secondary quest/reward” as you explore news, game and profile pages on the site. They appear at random times and won’t necessarily show up all the time.

Questing suggestion: If you make the “Time Well Spent” quests your primary focus, they probably won’t be very fun, so we would encourage you to simply keep an eye out for them. Think Alice in Wonderland, where occasionally she’ll discover a potion or treat here and there 🙂

Where is the hourglass?
After you’ve been browsing a news, game or profile page for awhile an hourglass may appear. When it does, it will appear in the lower-right corner of your browser. Don’t wait too long to click on it because it disappears after 10 seconds.

Each time you click on an hourglass you will get a little XP reward. Even after you’ve completed the quests, the hourglasses will still appear, giving you XP when you click on them.

Below are descriptions of the Time Well Spent quests.

Time Well Spent - Games

Time Well Spent – Games

Explorer Quest
Click on the hourglass 100 times while browsing game pages

Time Well Spent - Profiles

Time Well Spent – Profiles

Explorer Quest
Click on the hourglass 100 times while browsing profile pages

Time Well Spent - News

Time Well Spent – News

Reporter Quest
Click on the hourglass 100 times while browsing news pages

Comments (43)

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@Legendary ST
I love it!
Thumbs up!

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thumbs up for getting a “time well spent” point reading about “time well spent” points.

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At last we get some info on this quest. I saw one once when I first logged on to but haven’t seen them since and I was wondering how it worked. Thanks for the info, guys.

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