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Review: Pamplona – Viva San Fermín!

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 24-Jan-12 | 7 comments
Pamplona – Viva San Fermín! title

Pamplona – Viva San Fermín! lets you experience the famous running of the bulls at the Fiesta de San Fermín in Spain. Luckily the only things getting trampled are game tokens and egos…

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Comments (7)

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Different!! 🙂

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With the regular news items that come on Fridays and it looking like Tuesdays are now for game reviews, are there plans for any other days to start getting used for certain news items/regular features every week?

It’d be great if there was something coming through the news most every day to look forward to.

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Very original concept for a game!

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It looks like fun to me, but I’ve heard it can be cutthroat. Is this a game where gamers can make non-gamers cry? Some non-gamers deserve a few tears, but some gamers can be far too ruthless, and this really is what I deem a family/party type game.

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This game looks really exciting, I love the idea of chasing down the other players.

I agree!
Sometimes the images the publishers provide don’t do the games justice.

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I really like the embedding of pictures into the review, it really helps bring the game to life!

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What a unique subject for a race game. Interesting as well you dont actually win by crossing a finish line. Thanks for the review Jim.

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