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Review: Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Fourth Edition

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 5-Sep-12 | 4 comments

Legend of the Five Rings title

Originally published in 1997, Legend of the Five Rings RPG Fourth Edition is based on the Legend of the Five Rings Collectable Card Game first published in 1995. This edition presents improved and streamlined rules in a rich, detailed setting that has been made timeline neutral. This allows the setting and rules to be used more like a toolbox, providing a wider range of options for GMs and players alike, as well as the room for a GM to customise the game as he/she sees fit…

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Comments (4)

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Up, up , down, down, left… oh, never mind…

Bonus point for the Contra reference!

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I feel like I’m playing Contra. Now all we need is the purple, final boss, goblin to come along.

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Lord of the Rings?

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Ugh another Lord of the rings game that isn’t The Duel! I want to write a review for one of my favorite games of all time already

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