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L5R: The Coming Storm card previews – Denial

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 23-Apr-14 | 0 comments

L5R: The Coming Storm - Denial

Controlling the Imperial Favor has proven to be a strong mechanic as Ivory Edition has begun. Access to digging deeper into one’s Fate deck or having a strong reusable defensive Battle action has won many a game in this new environment. However, this new Event punishes those that rely too heavily on it.

Denial suffers from the one thing all Events suffer from unfortunately, the randomness of Province flips. Will you see it in time for it to matter? Will you see it at all? Fortunately, the card’s effects will be felt for at least a few turns, and since this card isn’t Unique, multiples of them in play at once will make your opponent rethink even the most innocent use of the Imperial Favor.

Check out our preview of another card from L5R: The Coming Storm next Wednesday, April 30th!

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