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L5R Ivory Edition card previews – Glimpse of the Unicorn and The Company You Keep

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 8-Jan-14 | 2 comments

L5R: Ivory Edition - Glimpse of the Unicorn card

Glimpse of the Unicorn

Additional card drawing has long been a part of CCGs, and the concept of card advantage is based upon the opportunity to see more cards over the course of a game than your opponents. Glimpse of the Unicorn gives us a measure of card advantage, but requires the “loss” of a more productive Dynasty card for the chance at increasing your Fate hand. While not a super powerful effect, often at the start of an arc Fate cards tend to be more proactive than your Dynasty cards, so one would expect to see a copy or two of this card early on.

Glimpse of the Unicorn also gives us one of the new action types in Ivory Edition, the Dynasty action. So named because it can only be used during your Dynasty phase, they are a prime example of the new rules streamlining and simplifying previously complex timing procedures.

L5R: Ivory Edition - The Company You Keep card

The Company You Keep

Most dishonor decks often rely on the presence of Dishonored Personalities on the other side of the table from them to get the most bang for their koku.

This card can really give a dishonor deck a plethora of dishonored opportunities, if they can merely get one of their opponent’s Personalities dishonored. When faced with the option of getting more units out at the risk of speeding up their opponent’s win condition, The Company You Keep can give players a real “no good way out” choice. Do you take a turn off, or push your advantage? These complex choices are a great example of how L5R is remaining interesting and dynamic while still maintaining a sufficient power down in Ivory Edition.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these previews. We want to thank AEG, and we’re excited that we get to be a part of the awesome L5R community!

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Card wicked this The Company You Keep.

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I don´t like LCGs or CCGs very much, mainly because of the money and time involved. But I like LMGs (Living miniature games) like X Wing Miniatures Game, Star Trek Attack Wing and Heroscape a lot. Go figure.

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