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L5R: A Line in the Sand card previews – Staff of the Raja’s Court

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 30-Jul-14 | 1 comment

L5R: A Line in the Sand - Staff of the Raja's Court

Staff of the Raja’s Court

This week we get to preview a new Two-Handed Weapon card that brings with it a multitude of options. By themselves, none of the actions are exciting, but when you can combine the Ranged and Fear attacks with other cards, as well as the other two utility abilities, the Staff quickly shows it’s value.

Of particular interest is the flavor text, where we find out the gaijin influences picked up in the Burning Sands are just the start of the Unicorn Clan’s delving in to other forms of tradition not practiced in the Emerald Empire. Will they use these new mystical powers responsibly, or will they become a dangerous and uncontrollable force that Rokugan will have to deal with?

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Thanks for reading our previews for L5R: A Line in the Sand. Stay tuned for our next card preview on Wednesday, August 6th!

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Swiss Army weapon. Very versatile; good support for a force penalty deck.

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