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L5R: A Line in the Sand card previews – Hidden Machinations

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 6-Aug-14 | 1 comment

L5R: A Line in the Sand - Hidden Machinations

Hidden Machinations

We conclude our previews from A Line in the Sand with a very interesting Kata Strategy card. Hidden Machinations would be a very solid card if all it did was let you filter your end of turn draw after you got it in play. Similar effects in other card games have time and time again proven their worth and seen noticeable tournament play.

Combine that with the Kharmic keyword to cycle additional copies of the card and the trait it provides, and you’ve got the potential for a very strong Kata, especially in decks that focus on the Action Phase. Allowing a deck to take an action without an opportunity for their opponent to respond with their own action has been the foundation to a few strong strategies in the history of Legend of the Five Rings. Just how powerful this card will be depends on the overall Limited and Open action card pool, but this is a card to certainly watch.

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With this card, even the ubiquitious Dragon Stronghold+Ring of Air starting setup will fall prey to a last-minute Imperial Summons. And that’s just one of many possible examples.

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