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Games Added This Week

Posted by renee {Power Gamer} | 18-Nov-11 | 9 comments
Games added to

Check out some new games and our new “Added Games Logo” posted just in time for the release of Stronghold Games: Outpost 20th Anniversary Edition!

Recently Released

Guards! Guards! A Discworld Board Game
Z-man Games

Kingdom Builders
Queen Games

Outpost: 20th Anniversary Edition
Stronghold Games

LOTR the Card Game: The Hills of Emyn Muil Adventure Pack
Fantasy Flight Games

LOTR the Card Game: The Dead Marshes Adventure Pack
Fantasy Flight Games

Coming Soon

LOTR the Card Game: Khazad-dรปm Expansion
Fantasy Flight Games

LOTR the Card Game: Return to Mirkwood Adventure Pack
Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars: The Card Game
Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars: X-Wing
Fantasy Flight Games

Added Games

Killer Bunnies: Quest – Orange Booster
Killer Bunnies: Quest – Green Booster
Killer Bunnies: Quest – Twilight White Booster
Playroom Entertainment

Enuk the Eskimo
Queen Games

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I like reading the comments and seeing the history of this site unfold over an evening! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Can we get “Eaten By Zombies” added? I want to record my plays ๐Ÿ™‚

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@Wind Lane

I agree, I think that while there’s a level of excitement when you see new games hit and you want to see that momentum continue to go, maintaining the level of quality that’s been present here trumps that. Plus we’re still in Beta. Things can only get speedier and more streamlined as staff figure out what works well, and what needs tweaking. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the great work all!

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I don’t know if these are in the works yet or not, but here are a few suggestions for game expansions to be added for which the base game(s) already exist:

Ghost Stories: White Moon
Ghost Stories: Black Secret
A Touch of Evil: Something Wicked
Last Night on Earth: Growing Hunger
Last Night on Earth: Survival of the Fittest
Tribune: Primus Inter Pares

I also was not able to find the Cutthroat Caverns games. They would be good additions.

Cutthroat Caverns
Cutthroat Caverns: Deeper & Darker
Cutthroat Caverns: Relics & Ruin
Cutthroat Caverns: Tombs & Tomes

Keep up the great work with the quality entries!

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@Cannibal Ox

It may be somewhat slow, but the quality that’s being maintained is something that I prefer.

Keep up the good work, guys! Any chance of seeing Heroscape, the Descent or Summoner Wars expansions, or the Mouse Guard RPG soon?

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I’m really curious to see the reviews of Outpost, I’ve never played the original but I’m intrigued by the fact that it plays up to 9 players.

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This games added process is still going way too slow…

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Whatawhale, where is your comment this week???

I’m happy to see more Killer Bunnies added, along with a good list of newer games. Keep up the great work!

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