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Game Review – Pandemic: Contagion

Posted by Andrew L {Avid Gamer} | 14-Jan-15 | 2 comments

Pandemic: Contagion close-up

Board Game | players: 2-5 | ages: 13+ | playtime: 30min

Publisher: Z-Man Games

In Pandemic: Contagion you take on the role of a virus. Not the sneezy achy, have a bowl of chicken soup and feel better… virus. We are talking population extermination strength virus. Each player on their turn may choose a city and infect it by placing colored cubes representing their virus on City cards. Once the number of infection cubes (from any and all players) reaches or exceed the population of that city, that city and all the folks living there are eradicated and the player who placed the most virus cubes on it scores points equal to its population. Runners up score a bit less depending on the size of the city. The game lasts 12 rounds from a programmed Event deck. After a final scoring round, the player, eh I mean the virus with the most points wins. And we all lose…

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Comments (2)

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I bought this one recently when i found it by surprise at a store during a trip, when i did not know it existed and i really like Pandemic

We had have only 1 play till now, and it was not bad, but far less funny than expected… I am waiting to give it a second chance before taking a final decision about thumps up or down…

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Oh, this sounds fun!

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