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Game Review – Cheaty Mages

Posted by Andrew L {Avid Gamer} | 20-Feb-14 | 5 comments

Cheaty Mages game in play

Five fighters have entered the arena. Players (as unscrupulous mages) have each wagered on one or more of the contestants. As the battle is joined, Mages cast spells that weaken or strengthen the combatants under the watchful gaze of the Judge . When no more spells are cast, the spells are revealed and the fighter with the highest power wins – rewarding which ever mage bet upon them…

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Comments (5)

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This has a price point of $10, right? Not the $20 listed on the game’s page here? If so, kudos to AEG for releasing small standalone card games at a cheap selling price — those are tempting for any group with collective discretionary income to pick up.

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Just played this with a customer for the first time yesterday and it was a good amount of fun. A really good filler game.

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I can see this filling the same filler role our group often reserves for Food Fight or Epic Spell Wars. Keep the new games and reviews coming!

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It seems funny. Great review as always.

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This one sounds interesting. It seems somewhat similar to Colossal Arena, but with less open information. I’ll keep an eye out for it at future game nights. Thanks for the review.

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