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City Builder and Studio 9’s Avatar Discount

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 19-Feb-15 | 3 comments

City Builder: A Villagers & Villains Game

Studio 9’s latest expansion City Builder: A Villagers & Villains Game is currently on kickstarter and is very close to being funded! It expands and supplements the Villagers & Villains base game. There are even reward options to get the base game as well as the Borderlands expansion if you haven’t had the chance to delve into this fun and humorous fantasy card game.

Awhile back we created a set of awesome avatars from Studio 9’s successful kickstarter game Hero versus Guardian. In celebration of the current City Builder campaign, we’ll be discounting all these avatars! They will only cost 1 BG gold during the campaign, which ends March 4th, 2015.

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Nine fun characters from DungeonCraft.

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I’ve seen these before.

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@gamerdad I think John K is pretty much locked up exclusively taking pen to cardboard for the rest of his natural life. Unnatural too – if he keeps wearing that Duck o Doom on his head.

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I like these! I wonder if there will ever be any munchkin themed avatars??? That would be incredible!

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