Get limited edition Mythic Kingdoms fantasy-themed playing cards while supplies last. Unboxes: Batman Fluxx

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 4-Aug-15 | 7 comments

Check out the latest video in our Unboxes series to get a close look at Batman Fluxx by Looney Labs.

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As much as I liked Batman: The Animated Series, I would’ve preferred to see a parody Superhero Fluxx along the lines of Star Fluxx instead of a licensed product. This sort of thing always seems like a cheap cash grab using recycled artwork.

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I’m a big fan of that cartoon series of Batman and when I saw this … I just had to order it straight away. It’ll be my first Fluxx too.

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Love that they went with a BAS style for this – but even without Harley + Ivy = In

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I played Monty Python Fluxx once, wasn’t a fan, but this is Batman after all, might have to try again.

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Where is the nananana music at??

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I don’t know Fluxx, but the Dark Knight is always in style.

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