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Board Games on kickstarter (Mar 31)

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 31-Mar-16 | 5 comments

board and card games on kickstarter

Below is a selection of games that stood out to us while browsing

Backing a project can be a great thing, but please do the research on a game before you put money into it. Happy exploring!

Role-Playing Games

Miniatures Games

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Comments (5)

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I need a better job so I can afford all the stuff I want…

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The Daedalus Sentence seems like a neat coop, and Santorini is awfully cute.

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Nothing has been really bowling me over recently. I like Santorini right now and am awaiting The Multiverse RPG and Level 99’s game pack.

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A lot of interesting games on my list, too much to back them all so I will have to make some difficult choices.
– Daedalus sentence : ok I pledged for this one
– Ravingspire
– Tau Ceti
– Zephir: winds of change
– Santorini
I hate you Kickstarter 🙂

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I’m avoiding Kickstarter and saving every penny until Rum & Bones: Second Tide launches in the next month (and I’ve also got painful pledge manager due dates lurking on Arcadia Quest: Inferno, Super Dungeon Explore: Legends, Folklore: The Affliction and Cthulhu Wars that will make April an extremely expensive month without adding actual games to the preorder queue)… but I will definitely be buying Santorini retail when it comes out. Looks awesome.

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