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A New Level of Hearting

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 26-Oct-12 | 24 comments


We’ve expanded on the hearting feature to allow giving hearts in bundles! Below are details about the new feature and hearting quests, as well as some info about how this affects other aspects of the site.

Types of Hearts

hearting-bundle-windowWhen you click on the “Heart It” button on a game page, a pop-up selection will appear giving you four heart bundles to choose from:

  • Single Heart – Gives a game one heart
  • Bronze Heart – Gives a game 5 hearts
  • Silver Heart – Gives a game 15 hearts
  • Gold Heart – Gives a game 25 hearts

Daily Hearting Limit

Where before your daily hearting limit (+1 per Gamer Level) was based on individual hearts, it is now based on heart bundles. Each bundle counts as one towards your daily hearting limit.

For example, if your limit is five a day, you could give three single hearts, one gold heart and one silver heart.

Goals Behind This Feature Update

  • Give gamers the ability to give even more hearts to their favorite games.
  • Members of the site that buy gems so that they can give more hearts will not only be supporting their favorite games, but will also be supporting and helping us continue to make this site better!

New Hearting Quests

The Bronze Heart

The Bronze Heart

Give 10 Bronze Hearts to games that you like.

The Silver Heart

The Silver Heart

Give 10 Silver Hearts to games that you like.

The Gold Heart

The Gold Heart

Give 10 Gold Hearts to games that you like.

Possible Concerns

Q: Won’t this new feature allow a person to “buy XP”?
A: Though it is now possible to complete the original hearting quests more quickly, it doesn’t create a loophole allowing a user to purchase XP indefinitely.

Game Popularity

A bit of technical info for those interested:

  • The weighting of the hearting on the overall popularity score for our Top 10 list has been reduced. Hearting is still a good way to influence that ranking.
  • The Top 10 “Popular” widget on the home page now refreshes once an hour (instead of once every 12 hours). Also, giving a bronze, silver, or gold heart will refresh the list.

We hope you enjoy this new update. Thank you for supporting your favorite games, and thank you for supporting!

Comments (24)

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I like this upgrade a lot. I often have a ton of gold that I am just going to use for hearting any ways.

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I’m happy to see a couple of quests that ask us to help support the site more, especially since they work within the confines of the game already. It isn’t like there’s a brand new activity that we would have to work into our routines. And, of course, if people don’t want to do these quests, they don’t have to. Just like they don’t have to buy backgrounds or avatars or whatever else. But, supporting is a good thing in my book.

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Although I share the concerns of coltsfan76, I also understand the need to finance I am extremely happy that there are no silly banners or cheesy commercials to be found on this site. Therefore, all ways to to increase the funding without polluting it are welcome to me. It is a tricky path to tread, however, trying to implement more funding-related quests without disturbing the nice feeling and the many perks of In my view, this upgrade treads well within the confines of that tricky path.

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Not my favorite upgrade. I would rather see quests that actually matter in the realm of Critics and Reporting – since those offer features that are important to this site: Being able to rate games in the categories and following other members.

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