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Axis & Allies 1942

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Ever since I was a wee lad, I remember seeing a copy of the original A&A at my older cousin’s home whenever I would visit them. Since then I wanted to play it. I have always had an interest in World War Two, and wanted to see if I could beat the Axis and repeat history. But, lo, my parents did not want me to have it as they felt it was too complex for 8 year old me, so we must fast forward to 2010. That is when I spotted A&A: Spring 1942 for sale at Borders (RIP) and using a 30% off coupon, purchased it. Yet, it sat collecting dust for another year until my wife’s brother-in-law came to visit and I finally played my first game of A&A!

I must admit that complexity is part of the game, yet I don’t feel that it bogged it down. Overall, I was very happy with it, yet feel that it is not for casual boardgamers. It must be played with a grand mentality for strategy and with patience if you are a first-timer.

The look and feel of the game was great. Remembering to use the grey and red chits for larger battle groups are key as the Eastern Europe and Western Russia can get bogged down with minis.

I look forward to finding more people to play with, as I feel that a two player game lacked some excitement.



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