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Firefly: The Game

64 out of 84 gamers thought this was helpful

I got to spend a couple hours learning this game from the designers at GenCon 2013 and was so very glad for the opportunity. The game is well designed and solidly themed. Any firefly fan will have an absolute hoot comparing their knowledge of the game and being reminded of obscure characters and moments in the show.

As far as the gameplay goes, its a pick up and deliver game. It personally think it gets a little simple as the game progresses. It needs some escalation factor to make later play more challenging and some additional rules for messing with the other players but the way the game is written it should be easily expanded even with house rules.

My biggest criticism is that the rule book is absolute dross. It’s impossible to find some of the critically important rules or see how they fit together. Having someone demo the game makes it clear in moments but finding the corresponding rules in the book is a nightmare. If anything kills the success of this game it will be that.

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Forbidden Island

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I picked up this game to play with my 4-year old son. It required some management but after the first 3-4 games he started to play it pretty well. Now at 6, he is teaching other kids to play and playing with adults at our local gaming group. It’s great in that, for the most part there isn’t any reading required to play. You need to know what the powers are of the individual guys, but from there the game can be played by a young kid very well. The cooperative nature makes it great for teaching teamwork and strategy. <3 it!

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Look for the second addition. The first addition of the game was okay but was flawed in many ways. Their second addition did a much better job of clarifying some of the places where the rules fell apart and in adding pieces that help the players track victory conditions. My first exposure to the game left me saying “meh” but a friend dragged out the second addition which corrected 90% of my complaints.

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