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49 out of 95 gamers thought this was helpful

Usually I like dice rolling and killing each other, but this game is well balanced and fun to make. Build your countryside and building up a score spending on how you spend your limited meoples. Different every time and even fun with small numbered groups. Best with at least 4 people. Short game times with only 2. Expansions add a lot to the game. Especially the river expansion. If your thinking about getting the game, should just get one of the big games that has all the expansions included already. You’ll end up buying them later anyway, and they are much cheaper to get in one big package.

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King of Tokyo

57 out of 177 gamers thought this was helpful

This was a good time. Very fast light game. Nothing to in depth. Probably can learn it in about 5-10 min. Great game for larger groups. Game times were about 15 min each. Basically, your either in or out of tokyo. Whatever side of the fence your on, leaves you fair game for everyone on the other side. But you score more victory points for the risk. Dice rolls kind of work like Yahtzee. 3 rolls, keep whatever your trying for. Try for points, attack, healing or energy.

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Galaxy Trucker

58 out of 113 gamers thought this was helpful

Everyone that plays this, thinks it’s a so much chaotic fun. Good times for sure. Expensive game tho. keeps me from owning. Sometime i’ll find a nice used copy.

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Risk: Legacy

60 out of 122 gamers thought this was helpful

Friends and I own two copies of this game. Different results and both play completely different. Great to see a game that forges itself. Love the new concept. Hope many other games come out like this.

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87 out of 267 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a nice fast paced game. Great for non gamers. Easy to play, easy to understand and you all play as a team. Most people like it. Except the group where we lost in 2 turns.

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Earth Reborn

66 out of 157 gamers thought this was helpful

We are only through the first two scenes, but so far it seems to be running smoothly. The LOS, in and out interuptions are kind of a PIA, but it’s getting easier to follow.

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9 out of 39 gamers thought this was helpful

Most of the time we have non gamers over. This is the game we end up playing. Just the right level, where everyone is able to contribute something to the game. Unlike Trivial P, where you feel like a dumbass half of the time.

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