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Quarriors is a great gateway game as it is very easy to learn and it introduces common strategic game concepts such as building a lean, powerful deck (or in this case, dice bag).

It plays similarly to Dominion although instead of a deck of cards you have a set of dice you draw out of a bag. You start off with a few creatures and quiddity (money) in your bag and you purchase better creatures and spells as you progress through the game. The aim is to put your creatures in play and earn glory if they survive a round of attacks by the creatures other players bring out on their turn. The player who reaches the required amount of glory first wins.

I loved the game components, especially the quirky graphics (primordial ooze, anyone?) and all the colourful dice. So many pretty colourful dice to hold in your hand and roll! And I wasn’t even a dice fan prior to playing.

The only downside to this game is that it is way too short. You rarely get to feel the satisfaction of seeing your dice-bag building strategy come to fruition. The game usually ends soon after one person is able to afford a dragon, which is very powerful and hard to kill by most of the other dice. There are, however, ways of working around this issue. Many gamers gave good advice in the game tips section of this page. With some tinkering, this game has a lot of potential.

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