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Even better with coloured pencils! This is an easy to learn, deck-driven, grid-based drawing game (requires no real artistic skill to play). Almost relaxing, sometimes, to play.

Let us see…replayability: not only does it have a deck that drives your map-making, allowing for variation, AND two different ‘starter grids’ on which you’ll make your map, but there are also ‘trap’ type cards that can muck up your map planning right-quick, adding a level of difficulty. Still want more? There are expansions and other such extra cards that can be added to the deck for variety.

It’s one of very few games I can convince my SO (who dislikes learning difficult games, and has a short attention span to boot) to play.

Decent quality – nice finish on the cards, and the notepad of map sheets is well bound and easy to remove without tearing.

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