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50 out of 106 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is easy to get new players involved in, but packs enough punch to keep veteran players coming back for more. The art-work is appealing, the flavour text is interesting, and the game mechanics are straightforward and mildly innovative.

If you are planning on introducing a new player to board games, this is a lot friendlier than other worker placement games (such as Caylus or Agricola).

I think this game is better the more people are playing (up to a max of 5 – or 6 with the expansion).

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Dungeon Lords

58 out of 66 gamers thought this was helpful

It feels at the end of the game like you didn’t get enough chances to actually expand your dungeon. The game is fun, however. It is similar to Agricola in many ways, except that instead of being played over 14 rounds, it is played over only 8. And instead of a farm, you build a dungeon(obviously).

The combat system – involving monsters, traps and magic – is interesting, but a little too convoluted. Maybe with more plays, this will become quicker and less of an issue.

One important point to mention about this game is how much effort has gone into the artwork and the rulebook. Reading the rulebook is funny enough to make it not be a chore. The gameboards for each player are quite cool too.

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