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I played this game at a Demo during PAX East 2014. It was a great co-op game!

It seems very tough & I cannot wait to try it again.


The base game components are good. Very standard tokens & what not for tracking where you ship is & everything.
They do have upgrade packs you can buy to get minis for your ships and a nice playmat.

The game seemed to be pretty tough, even with the enemies dumbed down for the demo (each enemy ship had 2 shield damage done to it out of the gate.

This game has a ton! There are a bunch of different locations to randomly select coupled with a couple of different Big Baddies in the base set.

It did seem a little difficult to learn & I was glad we have the demo-giver there to help us though it.

All in all a very good game, lots of trappings of Sentinels Of the Multiverse, but still holds it’s own without needing to know how to play that one (I didn’t & I still had a blast)

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