What are you playing this weekend? (Dec 2)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 2-Dec-16 | 7 comments

We’ll be continuing our epic adventure in Pathfinder ACG: Wrath of the Righteous this weekend.

What are you playing this weekend?

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I’m going to learn Space Alert. And if Kanagawa arrives, I’ll be playing that.

(Can someone add Kanagawa to the games on this site, please? Such a lovely game!)

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We played Patchwork, Qwixx, and Zombie Dice.

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Working again so light gaming weekend.

Saturday: New Angeles and Star Wars: Destiny

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Arkham Horror The Card Game.

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Played Clank, Manhattan Project Energy Empire, Quartz, and Lords of Waterdeep with expansion

New acquisitions this week I got Hyperborea, Lewis and Clark, Hotel Austria, and Vinhos

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I don’t think I’ll play anything *cry*.

But I did play Forbidden Desert, Codenames, and Love Letter: Batman on Thursday. =D

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Just got a Machi Koro, Betrayal at House on the Hill,Tiny Epic Defenders, and a few more Star Wars: X-Wing miniatures this week. Hope to get at least one or two games of each this weekend.

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