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Review – World of Tanks: Rush

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 6-Dec-13 | 4 comments

World of Tanks: Rush gameplay

If the name is any indicator, there are more than 80 different tanks in World of Tanks: Rush! Based off of the popular online game World of Tanks, this card game version does a great job at bringing tank battles to your table, while not worrying about trying to replicate the online game.

We were lucky enough to receive a copy of the English version from Hobby World prior to its release window of March 2014.

Players take on the role of squad commanders, acquiring tanks and balancing whether to use them for defense or offense. Once you’ve played it a couple times, the “Rush” part of the name kicks in and games become even more quick and fun.

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Comments (4)

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While there are plenty of great tanks in this game, tanks just generally don’t do it for me as far as themes go. However, I was able to make an exception with the upcoming Rivet Wars. That game has tanks, but they are cute, steampunk tanks with chibi-style soldiers. (I have a real weakness for cute.)

Who knows, maybe I’ll become so enamored with the tanks and battles of Rivet Wars that it will become a gateway game pushing me to give World of Tanks: Rush! a chance. 🙂

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Great review guys, this one’s going on the wishlist!

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Coincidentally, my friend was really heavy into World of Tanks before his wife said he was spending too much time online. He likes card games also, so I told him about this game, and he freaked out. He’s already planning a weekend for us to play after it comes out.

His wife is a bit upset at me, but if the game is okay, then at least her husband is socializing (in real life) while he’s playing games. Plus, it looks like it might be fun. 🙂

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Had to forget games like this since my wife is my main opponent and not so into these games… 🙁

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