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L5R: The Coming Storm card previews – Bookkeeper

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 30-Apr-14 | 1 comment

L5R: The Coming Storm - Bookkeeper


This Retainer gives us something new to Ivory Edition: a Holding that becomes more useful as you use it. While most Gold Producing Holdings have a fixed production, Bookkeeper grows as your economy does. After just one or two uses, the Merchant can produce as much as almost any other Holding in your deck, which can easily make the high Gold Cost of some Followers, Items and Spells much easier on your Clan’s coffers.

That said, should your Bookkeepers be forced to pay for your Personalities, they won’t be happy and won’t give you addition Gold on subsequent turns! They care for only one thing, the bottom line.

Check out our preview of another card from L5R: The Coming Storm next wednesday!

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Amazing card in the same environment as Jade Pearl Inn. 1G “growth” holding on demand? Yes please.

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