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kickstarter Game Preview: GemPacked Cards

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 1-Sep-15 | 3 comments

Collect and craft gems to gain the most victory points in this physical version of the new mobile game GemPacked.

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The following is a preview of a prototype copy of GemPacked Cards. The artwork, components and rules may not be in their final form.

GemPacked gameplay


GemPacked Cards is an easy to learn and quick to play game, inspired by its mobile puzzle game counterpart GemPacked. Through set collection and combining gems players will try to have the most points by the end of the game. The graphic below does a great job of showing how you collect and combine gems during the game.


Who would enjoy this game?

Family Gamer {yes}
The fun art and simplicity of gameplay is very appealing for families. Also, any adult or child familiar with mobile games will feel right at home with GemPacked Cards, especially since it is the physical adaptation of its mobile version called GemPacked.

Strategy Gamer {probably not}
GemPacked feels like it’s meant to be a light and fun experience rather than a deep and strategic one.

Casual Gamer {yes}
Casual Gamers will enjoy GemPacked Cards because of its great mix of fun art and easy to learn mechanics. It has a video game feel that smartphone owners will recognize and enjoy. The bright and joyful art will also keep a smile on everyone’s face, unless they’re not a fan of cute.

Avid Gamer {maybe}
Avid Gamers might not be pulling this game out every chance they get, but GemPacked Cards is definitely a great game to bring to the table when you’ve got a group of friends or family that are new to games. It’s also a great game to play with younger gamers.

Power Gamer {no}
Power Gamers would probably find this game a bit too light and cute for their tastes.

Final Thoughts

The art and design of GemPacked Cards is very cute, fun and polished. It was hard not to smile with a table full of happy Geminos smiling back at you. While cuteness may not be everyone’s cup-of-tea, this game will definitely appeal to families and young gamers.

Another aspect of the game we enjoyed was the race to get gems and gem sets before the other players. You can see what cards and tokens the other players have, so it’s fairly easy to guess what sets they’re going for. With that you can decide to try and get a set before they do, thwart their efforts by getting the gems they need, or simply go for a different set if you prefer to play nice.

We enjoyed our time with GemPacked Cards, and highly recommend you check out the kickstarter campaign.

GemPacked closeup

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Great art! I like the economic system of pips to squares to diamonds. The game looks as if it is well designed.

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Thanks, Moshibashu! Thrilled you are excited. Kickstarter launched yesterday!

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Wow, I’m pretty excited for this game. The adorable art reminds me of Sushi Go! and it would make for another casual, filler game. I love that this could be taught to young kids easily, help them learn about matching sets and color mixing. The core mechanic also reminds me a little bit of the old 3M Bookshelf game, Bazaar which i enjoyed. Hope the kickstarter goes well, I would love to see this game successfully funded!

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