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Infiltration is now on sale!

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 2-Jun-12 | 5 comments

Android Universe: Infiltration
Join up to 5 other players and take on the role of thieves infiltrating a corporate facility, each player trying to be the thief who can steal the most data.

Visit the Infiltration game page >

Infiltration game in play

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I bought the game and it really is a fantastic game. Nice graphical and is a very good game to join the guys.

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REALLY looking forward to this one.

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Donald has a good starting track record between Dominion and Kingdom Builder so here’s another one to check out.

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in•fil•tra•tion (nfl-trshn)
1. The act or process of infiltrating.
2. The state of being infiltrated.
3. Something that infiltrates.
4. Yet another game destined to infiltrate my wallet.

1. The movement through or into an area or territory occupied by either friendly or enemy troops or organizations. The movement is made, either by small groups or by individuals, at extended or irregular intervals. When used in connection with the enemy, it infers that contact is avoided.

2. In intelligence usage, placing an agent or other person in a target area in hostile territory. Usually involves crossing a frontier or other guarded line. Methods of infiltration are: black (clandestine); grey (through legal crossing point but under false documentation); and white (legal).

3. Dollar bills fly like confetti, as FFG marches one game after another to my FLGS, infiltrating my bank account and infuriating my significant other. Can the madness stop? No… here comes Android: Netrunner, Star Wars LCG, Merchants of Venus, and Fortress America. It will never end.

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Wahoo! Should be expecting a call from my FLGS anytime now!

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