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Happy Thanksgiving weekend! What games are you playing?

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 29-Nov-19 | 5 comments

Hopefully you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoying time with loved ones. We’ve played some fun group games, and plan to play more family favorites like Ticket to Ride and Catan over the weekend.

What have you been playing this week, and what’s on the game menu for the weekend?

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I played Munchkin with friends, then we started drinking and ended up playing “Cards against Humanity” and “What Do You Meme?”. A friends saw them as the best party board games here The last one is really great, or we just were too drunk 🙂

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I played three new games this weekend. Twice as Clever, Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition, and Ticket to Ride: New York provided some excellent holiday fun.

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Had a great Thanksgiving! Didn’t do too much gaming between the family events and the blizzard. However, played War Room, Vasco da Gama & Monsters Menace America.

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I have played Terraforming Mars twice, with some fancy, new 3D printed tiles. Also, I have played Songbirds and Villages of Valeria.

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I played two games of Agricola: Family Edition. Initially a solo game and then a 2-player with my wife that I lost 45:50. It was our first time playing this game and my wife observed that I should have probably bought standard Agricola as she wouldn’t have minded the extra complexity. She does love worker placement games.

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