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Game Review: Sun Tzu

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 24-Dec-14 | 1 comment

Sun Tzu Tight

Board Game | players: 2 | ages: 9+ | playtime: 30min

Publisher: Matagot

A wargame in just 30 minutes? Well, no. War is certainly the theme du jour in Sun Tzu, but this is a quick 2-player strategic card game that just happens to have a handful of miniatures and a map on which to do battle. One lucky player will champion the heroic Sun Tzu, while the other acts as the tyrannical King Chu. (Note: I’m terrible with history. King Chu may have been a perfectly lovely person. I’m just susceptible to believing everything board games tell me.)

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*shakes fist to heavens*

KING CHU!!!!!!!!!

Let the spiraling Wrath of Khan crane shot commence!

(Although I have checked King Chu’s various LinkedIn profiles and he lists neither tyranny or despotism under ‘special skills’)

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