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Game Review: Student Bodies

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 12-Feb-15 | 3 comments

Student Bodies Tight

Board Game | players: 2-5 | ages: 14+ | playtime: 90min

Publisher: Smirk & Dagger Games, Angry Duck Games

Feeling like you’ve seen everything zombie-themed games have to offer? Think again! You’re already infected… how will you spend your final minutes? Student Bodies delivers a mad dash to find an antidote for the poison slowly killing you… and a bunch of vicious fellow players who would throw you to the horde to save their own skin!

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Comments (3)

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This seems like a fun, and challenging game. I like the idea of switching over to the zombie side if you are defeated.

I really enjoy City of Horror, and the cooperative, yet survival aspect to it. I will try to check this out when I can!

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Student Bodies is great ‘not nice’ fun and with a long history of ‘playing at nasty’ with Cutthroat Caverns and Smirk & Dagger it was top on my Holiday Wishlist of acquisitions.

I would dub it a ‘Different Sort of Zombie Game’ but different seems the zombie du jour with things like Zombie ’15 & Escape:Zombie City

With the ‘selfish’ player controlled zombie movement Student Bodies plays like an extreme game of tag while trying to avoid a body bag. I also like the Smart Zombie play as it encourages playing rough without all the table flipping of player elimination. It actually flips the game for those who weren’t quite fast enough in life.

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At a first glance, I really dig the idea of battling zombies w/o actual guns, making the player to “get crafty” and using everything at his disposal to survive.

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