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Game Review: Dice Masters

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 13-Mar-15 | 1 comment


Dice Game | players: 2 | ages: 14+ | playtime: 15min

Publisher: WizKids

What happens when the mad scientists behind Quarriors decide to radically overhaul a genre they invented in the name of innovation? You end up with a brand new concept – Collectible Dice Building Game – that is exactly the mix of Quarriors and Magic: The Gathering you would expect and hope for from that description. There are also enough different sets available to fit almost every gamer’s theme preferences: Marvel, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dungeons & Dragons, DC Comics and more to come!

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The Gold Heart
I'm Completely Obsessed

I’m very happy to see an official BG review of a great game as it is DM.

I started playing it by curiosity and now I can’t stop. The mix of deck-building with dice rolling (who doesn’t love to throw a massive amount of dice in a table? haha) makes this game really fast-paced and fun, and its really accessible (booster packs and starters are very affordable).

Everyone should give it a try. You can always play with a friend (since the starter has the necessary components for a 2-player game) and see for yourself why this game is gaining so much fame.

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