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Game Review: Artificium

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 16-Jan-15 | 2 comments

Artificium Tight

Board Game | players: 2-6 | ages: 8+ | playtime: 30min

Publisher: Asmodee / Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd.

A neat little card-based building game, Artificium is a lightweight, quick-playing exercise in resource management that requires some thinking and planning… but not so much to keep you from interacting with your fellow players. It’s a great game for an evening with friends who aren’t necessarily gamers.

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Comments (2)

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There is nothing wrong with a quick little game, especially when you can engage your brain. My wife likes to play two player Alhambra. I bet that she would enjoy this as well.

One must wonder what is in the food of this world that metal and crystal can be derived from it. We get iron and salt from real food, so I guess that works. Or perhaps it is a world of Rock Biters from Neverending Story.

Thanks for the continuing deluge of official reviews AD!

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I just watched a play through of this. It looks like a really neat game.

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