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Family Focus Review – Micro Monsters

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 17-Dec-12 | 3 comments

Family Focus Review

Family Focus Review

These reviews provide insight on some of the best games for families with young gamers. Written from a parent’s perspective for a fun and educational family game night!

Micro Monsters game in play

In Micro Monsters, players lead a unique army of alien creatures that have “gated” to a playground planet: Ares. In this dexterity-based game, players must shoot their alien tokens at their opponents’ Gate in an attempt to close it. The last player whose Gate remains open is declared the winner! But each race has a special ability that may turn the tide of battle in this simple but challenging family game.

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Comments (3)

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Not much to this hey.

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I Play This One a LOT

Micro Mutants (and before that X-Bugs) has the same designer as the new Micro Monsters. Micro Monsters is basically a more kid friendly version; with cuter looking pictures, less pieces, and easier rules. For instance, in Micro Mutants each bug has a special ability, while in Micro Monsters each team has a special power, but the bugs themselves are all the same (except shape). Unless you have young kids, I’d stick with Micro Mutants.

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This looks a lot like Micro Mutants. Anyone play both to give a comparison?

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