Get limited edition Mythic Kingdoms fantasy-themed playing cards while supplies last. Unboxes: D&D Attack Wing Starter Set

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 2-Mar-15 | 8 comments

Check out our latest video in our Unboxes series where we give you a close look at the Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing Starter Set. If you like dragons and strategic tabletop battles, definitely give this a look!

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I loved the music and the dragons, lets play this!!!

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@Stratagon I have to admit I don’t quite get the ‘unboxing’ trend (especially in console land. I can see maybe a Collector’s Edition with all the bits and bobs, but other than that you are just watching someone fondle a disc and the Seizure Warning slip of paper.) These are well done I agree and look rather zazzy and have nice production value. I have to agree with @Shelexie that Unboxing Voiceovers are strange as since no one has read rules or identified component use it is just someone saying ‘Cards’ and then unwrapping the deck and saying ‘Cards’ again like a Rosetta Stone video.

Personally I enjoy the thrill (and sometimes disappointment) of opening the box myself and sifting through cards and components for the Big Sort. I can’t help but wonder if somewhere out there in the dark corners of cardboard there are people who like the unboxing oggle a little too much and I need to stop there or I won’t ever unsee ‘ UNBOXERS’ *shudder*

Miller is good company and remaining mum on a chance for a Mummenschanz reference is a chance wasted. 😉

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Wow. Nice components! That is a good looking game.

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Good Video! Nice that we didn’t have some guy talking in the background, just the goodies in the box, up close and with great detail!

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Personally, I do not usually care for unboxing videos. However, I think these are extremely well done. Kept it fast, but still managed to show amazing details. I love the plugs for the site and am excited to see where else the YouTube channel can go.

@Hai, You are truly the modern day Dennis Miller (early days) of the board game world. Is your writing true stream of consciousness? Are your real life conversations comparable? Or is it an online persona that manifests behind the keyboard?

Many of your paragraphs remind me of Miller’s rants, which remain some of my favorite comedic routines. Intellectually challenging but thoroughly entertaining (and maybe a bit exhausting, but that’s part of what makes it fun, trying to “keep up”).

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That was pretty epic! And it ain’t easy to make three dragons look epic. (Put that in your camel and sopwith Wings of War!)

@Akden I fear the disembodied hands. They remind me of Mummenschanz and I am afraid that the camera will pan up and someone will begin to pull toilet paper from their face. Thank you very much Sesame Street for that childhood scarring that still gives me cold night sweats to this day.

I do take some solace in the comic relief that no matter whose punchboard a token always tries to escape as soon as the cello is off.

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Looks great.

While watching I was thinking this type of game could really use close up shots of the minis. Then I got to 1:15 in the video, seeing you had that covered, though they didn’t seem as detailed as I had been hoping.

1:29 shows up and I need to scold myself for complaining as the video surpasses what I had been hoping for!

I liked the music selection as well, and was glad to see on the Youtube channel there was more information in the Video Credits.

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Nice work. I love the disembodied hands effect!

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