Get limited edition Mythic Kingdoms fantasy-themed playing cards while supplies last. Unboxes: Cutthroat Caverns – Fresh Meat

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 25-Jun-15 | 4 comments

Check out the latest video in our Unboxes series to get a close look at Cutthroat Caverns: Fresh Meat by Smirk & Dagger Games.

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Cutthroat Caverns: Fresh Meat on

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Endless Horde of the Dead will you ever win? – oh wait you usually do! I know I have a Cardboard Bleak Streak when I cheer a game for rehashing the equivalent of The Horrible Black Void in Talisman: The Tarnished Old School Edition. 🙂

I enjoy Cutthroat Caverns expansions impartially equally but Fresh Meat was a long awaited blessing.

The One Box to Hold Them All

And finally after years and years – new adventuring fodder for the caverns. I’m not talking new beasties for the Mega Delving Deck – but the Rep Deck – creating new class builds and variable player powers that feel like they just give you enough of an individual edge…

…until you find it belonging to a blade twisting in your back.

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Great music on this one!

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Thanks, Tom!
Believe it or not, Smirky is a self portrait I made of myself. ; )

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Congrats Curt Covert! I love the Smirk and Dagger logo!

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