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Puerto Rico

28 out of 37 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is from way back in 2002 by Andreas ******** and rio grande games. Despite the massive incline in quality of euro games in the past 3-5 years Puerto Rico still holds up as one of the best. Lots of strategic decision forcing you to watch your opponents and adjust your game to get the greatest benefit from there actions. So much fun, especially if you can get your hands on one it’s 2 expansions, adding some variety to the buildings. Even without that this game, though not perfect, still holds up today.

Timeless classic 8/10

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91 out of 144 gamers thought this was helpful

Stefan feld came out with four games this year (2013) and Bruges was the third. This game is absolutely amazing, combining ideas from very strategic games such as Glory to Rome and Race for the Galaxy and making a more family friendly experience. It’s a hand management game with tons of options, many paths to victory, great components, great art, and one of the best medium weight games of all time. But if your in for a battle wits, you may be disappointed. Luck can really mess over a game for one or more players, but when you can master not committing to one strategy to early I’ve seen that almost always a more experienced player will win.

Incredible game 10/10

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78 out of 162 gamers thought this was helpful

I Love this dice driven euro game by Stefan feld and ravensburger games. If your familiar with Stefan feld games than your not looking for a thematic experience here, but lots interesting decision and tons of strategic choices are packed into this game. My biggest problem is the length of the game. This isn’t a heavy strategy game (it’s more in the medium range) but a four player game could easily last 2 hours, but the doesn’t even detract too much because this game kept me engaged through to the end.

Great game 8/10

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