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65 out of 73 gamers thought this was helpful

I really enjoyed this game! Having grown up with Monopoly as the only game we had in the house, I cannot bring myself to play it. This twist on the old classic is great!

I find that it has plenty of replay value. Since dice are involved, the game has a large luck component to it, making its outcomes different every time.

Also, the figures and the art are amazing. The box itself is a bit unassuming, but once inside, brace yourself for some great components.

We did not use the Tomes in our play, so I don’t know how that element works.

I will say that the Gate cards are a tad confusing and are the reason I gave this 3 stars in easy to learn. We are still figuring out what some of them do.

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Elder Sign

70 out of 107 gamers thought this was helpful

This was the first game that introduced me to a new world of table top gaming.

It is very easy to learn and with the large deck of cards that make up the board, it’s a new game every time you play!

We’ve lost almost as many times as we’ve won this game and that always makes for a great table top game in my opinion. It’s gets boring if all you do is win!

Too bad so many of my friends won’t hear me out when I tell them it is NOT Mansions of Madness and much easier to get into, not to mention faster to play.

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76 out of 108 gamers thought this was helpful

When we first opened the box, we were intimidated by the rule books. However, the beautiful maps and wonderful monsters and art for the game kept us interested. Once we got going, we realized that if you have ever played D&D, this game is pretty easy to understand. We love it and own all the expansions we could find.

If you need a D&D fix in between your regular meet-ups, I cannot recommend Descent highly enough.

If you aren’t a D&D gamer (why not?), you can still enjoy this game. As long as you like to go on quests for fortune, treasure and glory in a fantasy world that is.

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