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Fortuna - Board Game Box Shot
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Many roads lead to Rome!
The players are ambitious young Romans striving for influence in the Roman Empire. In their strive for power, happiness and wealth they leave their own village and travel towards the City of Rome. The road to Rome can be long and there are many ways to reach your life purpose.

As a hardworking farmer you can work the land and grow grain and wine. A clever farmer irrigates the land to improve the yield of his harvest. Trading your harvested goods for a good price brings you the means to move up the ladder of the Roman hierarchy. Buy yourself an army of Centurions? Or will you choose the sacred way of Religion and serve the ruthless Gods of the Romans? Along the way, marriage is one of the ways to find happiness and status. If you serve the Empire well, he will move upwards in the favor of the Emperor and move further to Rome.

Serving the Emperor will be rewarded appropriately. But only a true Roman understands the real needs of the citizens of Rome! When wine becomes scarce the people start to complain. When water and food supplies become exhausted, a revolt is near. Those Romans who deliver grain in times of hunger and Centurions in times of crisis, will receive special privileges from the Emperor.

When Caesar's Palace is coming near, the tension becomes higher. Only those ambitious Romans who have reached Rome have a chance to become victorious. If you are just outside the gates of Rome you will have to offer all your resources to the Emperor in a last effort to turn your faith in your own favor. If a player has reached the centre of Rome, the players will finish their turn. Only the player who has done the most for the Emperor and the people of Rome will be Victorious.

Make sure that you have reached the City of Rome to witness the March to Victory!

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