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A Touch of Evil

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This is an Arkham-Horror-esque style board game that is heavy on story, scary, and pieces. Game can be played co-operatively or competitively. Setting is American Colonial, which is nice and fresh.

The board itself is fairly minimalist on decoration and the un-painted minis make it difficult to identify characters. However, otherwise, Flying Frog is a small company that makes quality games. We love the great cardstock they use. The costumed actors that pose for the scenes in the game play cards are often repeated throughout their various board games. Also, there are themes, characters, and organizations which are repeated in their games (such as the Order of the Crimson Hand).

The rules are many and intense but solid and balanced. This is not the game you pull out for your co-worker who is a casual Uno player.

Check out their other games too: Last Night on Earth and Fortune and Glory, Invasion from Outer Space.

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The object of the game is to have your teammates replicate a drawing of assembled blocks. Sounds easy, but you can only use the pre-determined Neanderthal “words” and gestures listed in the game. If your team does something right, you hit them on the head with an inflatable club. If they do something wrong, you hit them twice. If YOU give the wrong directions, you hit yourself with the club. That’s the entire game. Very easy to learn.

The game is definitely better after you have several rounds under your belt and get more comfortable with the communications. The components are pretty basic–blocks, cards, clubs. Plenty of room for expansions with extra cards and possibly additional blocks.

Every time we get this game out, the kids swarm. It’s hard to convince the four year old that this is a “grown-up” game. They like to watch us and laugh hysterically and repeat our nonsense–“Karungu!”

One great thing about this game is that it is quick. So, you can sneak in a few rounds between longer games or while someone has to make a beer run.

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Bang! The Bullet!

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How many western board games are there? This is a fun game with a lot of replay value. Everyone wants to be sherrif so they can wear the badge. For some reason, the sherrif usually gets brain-panned by his/her deputy.

Some great flair, funny, fun, and exciting. Adults love to sit around and say “I’ll bang so-and-so.” The more you give, the more you get from this game. Fun. Simple.

Some of the characters are markedly cooler than others.

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