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Zombies!!! (2ed)

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Zombies!!! is a fun and light game.
It is quit repetative though.

Everyone can play this game, ’cause you don’t really need strategy and the rules are simple. Just make sure you have some beers ready 😉

You start the game in the town centre and you need to get to tha choppa! On the way you come across a lot of zombies, wich you can kill with a roll of a die. You get to keep the zombies you killed and that’s another way to win game… Collect 25 zombies.
It’s pretty gard to do this though, ’cause when you die, you lose half of them and you go back to the town centre.
On the way you can collect items as well. The best one is the skate board, wich makes you move faster. always useful, in every situation.

Some downsides of the game are:
When you play the ‘long’ version, you can run out of zombie tokens. making it hard to collect 25 of them. You can fix this by using house rules (f.e. 1 zombie represents 5 on a square).
It’s simple, so it can get boring (again, when you play the long version)
So have a drink in the mean time.
And make a conga line with you conquered zombie tokens 🙂

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This counts as one of my favourite games. period.
It’s hours of fun, even though it’s hard to beat the game.
Try to jump as fast as possible and always have a pilote!

Its fun being a cylon, but gets less fun from the moment you are exposed. you don’t have a lot of actions to perform then.
SO when you are a cylon, hide as long as you can. Do only minor actions in the beginning. You have time anyway.

Just have fun blaming each other for being a cylon and still work together to give the game a good ending, if you’re not a cylon.

Don’t forget to buy the pegasus expansion as well. It gives the game that little extra and the cylon leaders are fun to play with.

Last, to make sure you enjoy playing the game, watch the show!!

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