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4 out of 9 gamers thought this was helpful

I’ve never ever experienced a game which is so thematic. NW is a true masterwork and I’m so happy I pledged it on Kickstarter. I don’t care if and when I lose: it just means experience and tactics learning for next games. Playing a game to NW is always exciting.
You’ll roll dice betting on your own resources, event cards will influence your journey, you’ll sink ships ramming into them. Sometimes, pure misfortune (a dice roll, an event card) will make you fail your mission: this could be frustrating but – come on! – every imperialist country will be hunting your Nautilus!
To me, the only flaws are the plastic inserts, which can be just thrown away and the miniature, which deserved to be produced in metal.
Oh, what a game!

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2 out of 9 gamers thought this was helpful

I love this game so much.
The elegant map always different thanks to the hex-tiles is the perfect frame to a challenging and fascinating game.
It needs to be played with the right group of friends because every time I played it I’ve noticed that you love it or you just don’t like it: there are not half – measures. I just would play that more often: it’s way underrated.
It’s meant to be played as a semi-cooperative with secret objectives, but the rules allow you to play it even without the (possible) traitor.
The always changing map forces the players to adapt to it and to find a strategy which is OK for that particular game.

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