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Review: Panic on Wall Street

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 1-May-13 | 1 comment

Panic On Wall Street components

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In Panic on Wall Street, players have a choice. They can play as Investors, investing in company stocks and hoping the market is kind to them. Or they can play as Managers, buying up companies and selling stock in these companies to the Inventors. Most of the action takes place in a real-time, 2-minute negotiation phase where stocks are bought low and hopefully sold for a profit. Managers sell stocks in their companies and hope to acquire as much value for them as possible. Deals are made and most certainly…tensions rise. After five turns the Manager and Investor with the most cash win…

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This is a fantastic party game. We played it last weekend, and everyone had a blast. It’s kind of like two games happening at the same time. Very cool!

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