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Review: Legend of the Five Rings – The Shadow’s Embrace

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 10-Aug-12 | 2 comments

L5R The Shadow's Embrace expansion set

Alderac Entertainment Group tries something new this time around with a factory set for Legend of the Five Rings CCG, releasing the full expansion as a direct-to-player option where rarity is thrown out the proverbial window, possibly testing the waters of the “Living Card Game” distribution model…

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I’m glad to see another publisher trying the Living Card Game approach because personally, the idea of having to spend a ton of money to have a decent deck has kept me away from a lot of CCGs including Legend of the Five Rings. Maybe now I will actually try this game.

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That game has to have the best card packaging I have ever laid eyes upon. It’s so beautiful. That box is will protect your cards AND make it easy to find them for fast set up. Other publishers need to take note.

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