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Kickstarter Game Preview: The Siblings Trouble

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 5-May-15 | 5 comments

The Siblings Trouble

A unique storytelling adventure that inspires fun and imagination!

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The following is a preview of a prototype copy of The Siblings Trouble. The artwork, components and rules may not be in their final form.


The Siblings Trouble gives players the opportunity to take part in cooperative adventures that inspire creativity and imagination. No two adventures will be the same because though the cards and dice help direct the adventure, it is the players that create the story. On a player’s turn, they get to draw cards, roll dice and perform actions and then add to the overall story by telling what just happened on their turn and why. Your imagination is the only limit to how your epic story unfolds.

The Siblings Trouble gameplay

Who would enjoy this game?

Family Gamer {absolutely!}
If your family enjoys stories about adventure and using your imagination, The Siblings Trouble will provide hours and hours of quality fun as you work together to create amazing adventures.

Strategy Gamer {no}
This isn’t a game about strategic moves on a board or calculating the most efficient use of resources. The main strategy is making your adventure as fun and entertaining as possible.

Casual Gamer {maybe}
The rules are very simple to learn and teach, and the game’s theme of young siblings going on adventures is welcoming to a large audience. The Siblings Trouble thrives on gamers that enjoy creation and imagination, so the reason it’s a “maybe” for casual gamers is because some gamers may not be comfortable making up things from their imagination, or telling stories in front of others.

Avid Gamer {yes}
The Siblings Trouble offers a very unique gaming experience from other games out there. It’s RPG like, and yet it doesn’t come with the time consuming preparation and complex rules that can tend make RPGs a bit too intimidating for many gamers. It’s a must have for any RPG fan that wants something their whole family can enjoy together.

Power Gamer {no}
While Power Gamers could get a kick out of playing the game, it’s probably not going to be a game they put ahead of their other more competitive games.

Final Thoughts

We played this with friends and family and had an absolute blast. It was fun to see where each player would take the story, especially on the turns of the younger players. You would see their eyes light up as they created the story about what was happening on their turn. The games were just long enough to stay fun and fresh, and short enough to keep us wanting more.

Another part of the game we really enjoyed were the player assists. If your dice role meant you failed your action, you could request the help of another player, and then that player would build a story along with you on your turn. Cooperative story creation was something none of us had ever experienced and it was a ton of fun!

At the end of each game we heard a resounding “let’s go on another adventure!” To us that says more about the success of the game than we ever could. If you’re looking for a unique gaming experience that taps into your creative side, this is the game.

The Siblings Trouble closeup

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Comments (5)

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I have this on deck for The Nieces, they are already rabid storyellers and have reached the perfect age when this releases. Besides, it is just too shiny to pass up.

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I wouldn’t have INSTANTLY written this off and lost all respect for the publisher, if he hadn’t claimed ignorance of the existence of Survive during the Kickstarter project for Lift Off!, which the latter game is very similar to, and then done a review video with Survive peeking out in the background.

Using other games for inspiration is awesome. Many great games give the nod to their inspirations. Denying that you even know a game exists, when you in fact own it, is sleazy.

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Jim, thank you for the detailed explanation. So the story is variable in The Siblings Trouble, whereas Mice And Mystics has a clearly defined story line.
I like the concept.

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@Tom, So Mice and Mystics has a campaign/story book that you read from that expands on the story. It does have choices you can make that branch the story out, but you’re not really creating the story as much as you are participating in the action sequences of it.

As an example of a turn in The Siblings Trouble, you might draw a card that shows a location like a dark pit. You would explore it by rolling the exploration die. And say that die role says you encounter a fellow traveler. It’s then up to you to then take that information and tell a story about it. You might say:

“All of a sudden we hear a voice coming from down the cave and as we walk towards it the floor suddenly shifts and we all slide down into a deep dark pit. The voice we heard then becomes clear ‘Might I recommend this trusty lantern so you don’t fall into any more dark pits!’ says a small figure that looks like a traveling garden gnome…”

Then the next player draws a card, performs the dice rolls and continues the story from there. So in this way the players are creating their own adventure, with the cards and dice rolls giving a basic guide/framework along the way. Having those cards and dice rolls is a good thing in my opinion, it’s fun to see what happens on your turn and then create a fun story around it.

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As far as the cooperative story telling, how does this compare with a game like Mice And Mystics?

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