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Holiday Game Updates: The Seventh Day of Christmas

Posted by Jeff W. {Avid Gamer} | 31-Dec-14 | 4 comments

Game Updates on

The traditional Twelve Days of Christmas start on Christmas Day, December 25th, and continue through Twelfth Night, January 5th. Let us ring in an end to 2014!

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, BGdot gave to me:

Seven nifty minis,
Six movie tie-ins,



Four CCGs,
Three for the kids,
Two Flying Frogs, and
A new game by Asmodee!

User Requested Games

Games added that were user requested are marked below with: {G}
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{G} – D&D Attack Wing
WizKids | 2014

Golem Arcana
Harebrained Schemes | 2014

{G} – Guardians’ Chronicles
iello | 2014

{G} – Krosmaster: Arena – Frigost
Japanime Games | 2014

{G} – Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game
Mantic Games | 2014

{G} – Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death
Flying Frog Productions | 2014

{G} – Dark Future
Games Workshop | 1988

Comments (4)

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Shadows of Brimstone! (re)WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

@Sir Gamesalot (The Anti-Paladin)

Guardian Chronicles has some very interesting card play power mechanics and ‘experience’ build with the heroes, but unfortunately the execution is trapped on base raid tiles liken unto an extremely dilute Descent. (Although a superhero base raid dungeon crawl would be extremely interesting if there was something to do aside from walk down tight corridors and punch robots.) I am curious to see if the additional promised material adds anything to the mix when (or if) it arrives. Sentinel Tactics is by far the more dynamic and scenario story variety driven game, but 30 ducats might be a value to curiosity that doesn’t kill any budget cats. 🙂

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Shadows of Brimstone is an excellent game, just tons of dice-rolling fun.

I just ordered a starter set for D&D: Attack Wing, and I am pretty excited about that, as well.

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@Sir G – I haven’t looked into Guardians’ Chronicles enough to back up your comparison to Sentinel Tactics, but as for the “pricier” part… it’s currently on sale at CSI for $29.99.

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A very nice group of new additions to the site. Sadly, I own none of these. I watched the Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game Kickstarter and drooled just a bit when it came out. It’s only a matter of time (and money) before I pick up a copy of Shadows of Brimstone. On taking a look at Guardians’ Chronicles, it looks like a pricier version of Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom. This bears further investigation on my part.

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