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Games Added (April 19)

Posted by Tiana901 {Family Gamer} | 19-Apr-19 | 4 comments
Games added to

Upcoming Games

Lovelace and Babbage
Artana Games | Release Date: 2019 Q2

2019 & 2018 Releases

Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry
Pegasus Spiele, Rio Grande Games | Published: 2019

The Scarlet Pimpernel
Eagle-Gryphon Games | Published: 2019

Space Base: The Emergence of Shy Pluto
Alderac Entertainment Group | Published: 2018

Osprey Games | Published: 2018

Czech Games Edition | Published: 2018

The Island of Doctor Lucky
Cheapass Games | Published: 2018

Daily Magic Games, Schwerkraft-Verlag | Published: 2018

Speakeasy Blues
Artana Games | Published: 2018

Explorers of the North Sea: Rocks of Ruin
Garphill Games, Renegade Game Studios | Published: 2018

Clank! Expeditions: Gold and Silk
Dire Wolf Digital, Renegade Game Studios | Published: 2018

2017 & Earlier Releases

Artana Games | Published: 2017

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Lovelace and Babgage and Speakeasy Blues each have themes that appeal to me. The Island Of Dr. Lucky sort of reminds me of the short story “Them Most Dangerous Game.” Thanks for the great new additions; I hope I get to play some of them.

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I ordered Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry a couple days ago. Looking forward to it.

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I recorded a play on Explorers: Rocks of Ruins, and THEN discovered that it had just been added to the library on this site! Funny! 🙂

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More games to study, cool!!!

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