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Game Review: Star Trek Panic

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 27-Sep-16 | 5 comments


Board Game | players: 1-6 | ages: 13+ | playtime: 60-90min

Publisher: USAopoly & Fireside Games

In Star Trek Panic, players take on the roles of various crew members from the classic Star Trek series like Kirk, Spock and Scotty. With their unique abilities they’ll work together to complete a series of missions while fending off a continuous onslaught of enemy ships and space anomalies.

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Comments (5)

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Glad I’m going through these old posts, I think I just found somebody a birthday gift. 😀

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This looks very interesting!!

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Castle Panic was one of the first newer games I bought, and I have played it dozens of times with my family. I bet the Star Trek Edition is different enough to justify trying it too.

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Interesting game. Like the Star trek theme too!

I’m also glad to see another article. For a moment, thought the end was upon us.

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This looks like a very good use of this game mechanic. I’ll have to check it out now!! 🙂

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